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Open your mind to the universal energies of infinite creation. Easily overcome obstacles, create positive permanent change, and energize your quality of life with chi energy. If you request a 3 day chi energy transfer test, you’ll receive it within 24 hours. You will receive the 24 hour transfer test by email instantly and you will be free to experience the power of continuous supply of chi energy. Print the chi energy card you receive by email. Color or black and white, any size that feels comfortable to you. Relax and hold the palm of your hand over the card. You will feel a warmth, cool breeze, or tingling in the fingers. This is chi energy and it’s transmitted to you from any distance. Now charge your water, food and body with your chi card.

Free Orgone Transfer Test
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Its fun, its exciting, and you can be laid back and relax while awaiting your assured success!