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Let’s begin…

Karl Welz’s Formula of Manifestation:

Link to a Target + Link to Desired Result + Life Force = Manifestation

Target is you, another person, or an event

Desired Result is what you want to happen

Life Force means your focus, visualization or better – using an Orgone Generator or  Radionics

Manifestation means you get your desired result in 3 days or less.

Would you like to know how to manifest anything that you desire in 3 days or less?

Love? More money? More toys? Bright future?

How about becoming a hero and manifesting what your loved ones desire? Do they desire well-being?

Do you want to help them solve problems? Improve their relationships? Help them find jobs? Skyrocket someone’s business?

How about getting rid of all negative energies for yourself and your loved ones, and then acquiring a powerful force of energy that will make you unstoppable?

Maybe you already read books, listened to the audios, and went to seminars to learn how to do just that. And, even though at some point you felt totally empowered, the results are still the same…

Little did you know that the secret of any manifestation is hidden in the amount of energy that is designated strictly to the task of manifesting. So, read on.

Now, prepare yourself to learn exactly how it is done the right, natural way. Finally, you are able to achieve what you may have already been chasing for years: the secret of real, natural manifestation.

Let’s get back to this fascinating formula that the inventor of Orgone Generators, Karl Welz, put into an easy to use formula:

Link to a target + link to desired results + Life Force = manifestation.

Now, let’s review what it all means and you will know exactly where you failed with all your previous efforts.

Link to a target. This is where you mentally think “I want…”, “she wants…”, “I wish…”, “…Dan shouldn’t…”, “My car…”, etc. As you can see, the target is you, any other person, an item or it can also be an event. For example “…that court case…”, “…during our date…”, “…while she was doing me…”, etc.

So, when you mentally think, for example, “I want a perfect girlfriend”, or “I want a perfect boyfriend” — “I” – which is you – is the target.

By now it should be very clear to you what the target is.

Link to desired result. This is where you think what you want to happen. For example, “…more money”, “close that particular business deal”, “…take Sally on a date”, “…ex returns…”, “…complete victory”, “…leave me alone”, “…be free”, “…be happy”, etc.

So, link to desired result is your intent of what you want to happen either for yourself, for someone else or during a particular situation. For example, what do you want to
happen when you go out with a particular person on a date? Let your imagination run a little wild here and you will feel the intent, which is a link to the desired result.

Life force. Now, in order for that intent to happen, Life Force is absolutely necessary. Here’s the tricky part:

The less likely the intent will happen naturally, the more Life Force is needed to make it happen naturally.

Let’s get back to the example of taking a particular person on a date and let your imagination run a little wild again.

You can, just for fun, select any person you want and actually do this thrilling, joyful imagination (and then, very soon you will know how to bring it into a reality).

So, assuming you want to take that person on a date, several interferences can take place, such as:

  • The person does not consider going on a date with you
  • The person may not be single
  • There may be compatibility issues
  • There may be natural issues in two-way attraction
  • The person’s idea of a date is fully different than your idea
  • The person may have different values
  • There may be several interferences combined

As we talked earlier, the stronger the interference, the more Life Force you need. And where do you get the Life Force? There are several channels of Life Force, which are:

  • You (your focus, imagination, visualization, etc). This is the most common channel of life force that over 99% of self-improvement books indirectly teach you to use. For example, you have probably read phrases like “…visualize what you want and believe it will come true”.

    This is a really good channel of life force and usually, if you practice it 3 times a day for 21 – 30 days, you may see some visible results. For example, in the case above, you may notice that a person you want to go on a date with becomes more friendly towards you.

  • Natural occurrences. You are probably familiar with terms like “live in the moment”, “be happy no matter what happens around you”, “positive thought attracts positive results”, etc.

    What happens in reality is that you have certain energies around you which greatly depend on your environment, Astrology, and many, many other factors. When you “let go” (another term), you are allowing more good to come into your life.

    This opens up a greater possibility for natural occurrences of Life Force to bring you more good. For example, if your Zodiac sign is Pisces, and you “live in the moment”, you may notice that you easily start attracting a lot of friends. Later, you may notice that you start attracting great relationships.

    On the contrary, if you don’t live in the moment, stressed out, worried and have doubts, you probably already know that you are a powerful magnet for betrayal, unfaithful partners, overspending, caring for others more than you care for yourself, etc.

    Allowing natural occurrences to flow freely with your positive mindset is another really good method to summon Life Force – if you can always stay on the positive side of living in a moment.

  • Orgone Generators. This is where all the life force is naturally made available to you at the push of a button. This means that you can direct life force to create desired events naturally.

    For example, if someone you want to go on a date with doesn’t have a natural attraction towards you, an Orgone Generator can easily remove the interference of a block that stops the flow of  natural attraction between you and the desired person.

    A block can simply be that you originally met at a wrong time and wrong place. You know, it takes only seconds to create a powerful first impression. There can be many other blocks of all different kinds too, including Astrological incompatibility.

    Then, an Orgone Generator can naturally fuel a link between you and a person with the best high vibration energies, and your desired person will think of you in the best loving manner possible!

    This, of course, creates a very strong natural, mental, sexual and emotional attraction towards you.

    The same principle applies to all areas of your life: love, sex, money, protection, well-being, etc.

    All you have to do with an Orgone Generator is “tell” it two things, which you will discover how to do next and why it is the best possible way to do it:

    1. Who is the target(s)

    2. What exactly do you want

In order to set up an operation with your Orgone Generator, all you need is:

  • Orgone Generator
  • Knowing exactly what you want

What you do is sit down, relax, take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down what you want with a description of whoever is the target and a link to the desired outcome.

For example, if you want more money for yourself, all you write is “I attract more money”, or “I always double my income”, or “I get $5,000.00 for my project”, or – whatever comes to your mind.

The trick in here is to write everything in present tense.

Then, you put the piece of paper on the Orgone Generator and go do whatever you want to do. The Orgone Generator does all the work for you!

You can also use accessories that we offer to empower your operations even more, as well as Manifestation Programs to make your operations fast and more influential.

Why Orgone Generators
Work So Well

You just learned how Orgone Generators work. Now you will learn why they work and why they are actually the best devices you can have.

Let’s look at the history and science behind Orgone Generators very quickly.

First, there was Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer. About 150 years ago, Wilhelm Reich invented the first Orgone accumulator, which is a device that accumulates life force
from its surroundings.

Then, in 1991, Karl Welz invented the Orgone Generator, which is a device that naturally produces Life Force, or Orgone energy!

One year later, in 1992, Karl Welz invented a new material that attracts and accumulates life force, which is called Orgonite.

Orgonite is exceedingly more effective than the Reichian alternating layers of organic and metallic material.

These inventions certainly marked the beginning of a new era in Life Force technology as well as in human history, and this is so because there is no technology in humankind where this technology cannot make a significant improvement.

Everything that surrounds us consists of Life Force (also known as energy, Chi, Prana, Reiki, and many other names). In fact when people say “I am low on energy”, what
this really means is that they have an insufficient amount of Life Force flowing through them.

It is also scientifically proven that your thought forms contain Life Force, or energy. In fact, it is easily detectible: when you concentrate on negative things and feel negative, you start becoming drained. When you concentrate on positive things and feel positive – you become charged! Sound familiar?

It is also known that your thought forms can be transmitted to another person or to the Universe where they materialize into a tangible reality.

When we talked earlier about link to a target and link to desired result – well, those links, or linking is all done by your thought forms (links can also be created by physical objects too, like photos, hair, etc).

Now think for a moment: if you have a thought of attracting more money into your life and now you can fuel that thought with massive amounts of energy – can you only imagine how
much more money you will have? What if you can constantly fuel the thought form with massive amounts of energy 24/7 – then how much more money you will have?

And that’s where Orgone Generators come in! A new era of manifestation!!!

With Orgone Generator, you don’t have to sit and concentrate on money all day long. No… All you do is write down your request on a piece of paper. Such a simple process takes only seconds and creates an extremely powerful link naturally and automatically.

And then, you simply put that piece of paper on the Orgone Generator. That’s it!

Some people describe Karl Welz’s invention with words like: miracle, money machines, wish machines, etc. In reality, it is all science, and such an invention originated based
on the knowledge that we are already surrounded by Life Force.

Create Your Life By Design

While those who don’t know about this fascinating technology struggle for years to see some minor improvements, if any, you can become a master of your own destiny in just days.

You will be able to completely design any aspect of your life the way you like it and bring it into actual reality – fast!

In fact, once you see how fast and easy it is – you will put all of your self-improvement books and courses aside.

This is exactly how thousands of people already enjoy the benefits of Orgone Generators from Karl Welz.

See Changes Towards Your Results In 3 Days Maximum

When you order any Orgone Generator from Positive Change Technology, you will receive a FREE manifestation manual.

Not only you will learn how to operate an Orgone Generator like a professional, you will also learn how to manifest your result and see changes 3 days. Very often – complete results in 3 days or less.

And you will also know what corrective action to take should you, for some reason, not see your result coming in 3 days.

Keep in mind that we are talking about taking steps towards getting actual results. We are not talking about just feeling good, or feeling empowered and then going back where we began.

What we are talking about here is that if you want more money in your life – then you will get more money in your life within 3 days or will feel a drastic change that you need to take towards achieving your goal, should there be any interferences. That’s what kind of results we are talking about.

Now, let’s get real here so there will no be confusion. We are not saying that if you are poor you will become a millionaire in 3 days. We are also not saying that it can’t happen either.

You realize that, for example, going from poverty to wealth will be an interesting and fun strategy. That’s because now you can write down all the steps needed to become wealthy and use a 3 day rule to achieve the next step of the ladder.

It should be very obvious by now that with Orgone Generator and training that comes with it
from Positive Change Technology, you now have the power to attract wealth extremely fast and easy! You are now a true master of your own destiny.

What could take decades to happen can now happen in days! What could never even happen in the first place can now happen in just a matter of weeks! That is the speed and power of you designing your life with an Orgone Generator.

How Positive Change Technology Makes A Difference

Positive Change Technology is highly dedicated to your success. We are not interested in just selling you a product. What we are interested in is making you a true master of creating your life by design.

Let’s face it: when we make you successful, you will come to us for more and refer your loved ones to us. It is as simple as that. We believe in you!

Obviously, because of two reasons listed above, as well as many other reasons,

Positive Change Technology is your ultimate best resource to purchase Orgone Generators,

Radionic Machines, software and accessories.

In addition, Positive Change Technology includes a manifestation manual with every purchase of an Orgone Generator or Radionic Device. This easy to follow course was created by us and is available only and exclusively to our customers. It is a course that is written for your success and really makes a drastic difference.

Purchasing Orgone Generator or Radionic Device without knowing how to operate it, and most importantly how to manifest, may be a very useless waste of your money and a great deal of frustration.

In addition, it can make your situation even worst as it was practically proven over and over.

We have a lot of people who purchased this fascinating equipment but did not acquire proper training coming to us with the problems of worsened situations. Now,
make a clear judgement on where you shop by yourself.

On the other scale, when you have all the equipment and knowledge needed that allows you to instantly take full control of your life – your purchase becomes one of the wisest investments you can ever make.

In addition, Positive Change Technology offers:

  • Free consultation services
  • Free email support for every customer
  • Individual training services
  • Business and corporate training services
  • Business and corporate assistance with equipment set up
  • Diagnostic and divination services
  • Manifestations and energy work services

Every customer of Positive Change Technology can be assured to get:

    • Competitive pricing
    • Genuine technology of Karl Welz (be aware of copycats and competitor claims)
    • Free email support
    • Free HSCTI Manual and Positive Change Technology Manual with manifestation techniques