How to Be Stress Free

Stress ReductionExplore Schumann Resonance!

Achieve so much and more…

  • Better well-being
  • Elimination of negativity
  • Immunity to mind control
  • Natural energy boost
  • And much more!

Stressed? Tired? Worried? Low On Energy? Say “No More!”

Experience constant Chi energy at 7.83 Hz. It is also called Schumann resonance, or Earth frequency. When you carry this energy with you, things like mind control, manipulation from others, jet lag, concentration problems, unbalanced mind and many other negative energies will stay away from you.

This will help you to eliminate energy loss. Instead, you will be fueled with unlimited access at a very pleasant Earth frequency. People who experience it report that it feels like “bricks off the shoulders”…

How the Schumann Resonance Can Work for You!

The Schumann Resonance has phenomenal benefits:

  • Mental and emotional stability
  • Immunity to mind control and manipulation.
  • Easing of headaches and migraines
  • Freedom from negative energies
  • Natural life energy boost and focus to bring you success

Fuel your mind with pure chi energy at 7.83 Hz, and you’ll feel the change instantly! Imagine your shoulders loosening and your mind becoming clear as all harmful energies surrounding you dissipate. Worries and stress melt away as your mind tunes in to the natural rhythms of the Earth’s frequency.

Even more, simply leaving the chi generator at 7.83Hz in your room will naturally clear the entire area. The benefits are astonishing!

Now it is more important than ever to have access to the Schumann Resonance, as wireless technologies and manmade electromagnetic fields interfere with our natural connection to it. Cell phones, microwaves, and more all have negative effects on your mental state ā€“ and this is only getting worse as technology advances.

What is the Schumann Resonance?

The Schumann Resonance, sometimes known as the “heart beat” of Mother Earth, was first predicted by a physicist named Winifried Otto Schumann in 1952. It is an extremely low frequency (ELF) of electromagnetic waves that resonates between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere. Mathematics shows that 7.83 Hz is both the lowest-frequency and the highest-intensity mode of the Schumann resonance ā€“ which can now be harnessed and carried with you simply by using a Chi Generator!

Furthermore, Herbert Konig of Munich University discovered that the Schumann Resonance frequency very closely matches the alpha rhythm brain waves of the human mind! This is why tuning your Chi Generator to 7.83Hz allows your mind to work with ease, without the interference of mind control, mental projections, or manmade frequencies.

Simply tune your Chi Generator, such as the JU 1000, to 7.83 Hz and soak up the pleasant Earth energy, allowing your mind to instantly adjust to its frequency, putting you in a clear, energized, and focused theta state. From here, the possibilities are limitlessā€¦