How To Invoke Your Inner Child For Maximum Happiness!

Invoke your Inner ChildI can’t fully express just how important it is to develop a relationship with your Inner Child.

We all have an inner child just waiting to be heard, and when they’re ignored it can cause us serious problems in our adult lives. Blocks, negative programming, and emotional conflicts often have their roots in the Inner Child, who is all too often frozen in the past.

Don’t despair! It’s never too late to form a healthy relationship with your Inner Child. In just a few minutes, you will learn how to welcome your Inner Child with open arms and find the happiness and success you’ve been searching for!

The first step to connecting with your inner child is getting yourself in a safe, quiet environment where you will be undisturbed. Completely relax with soft music, candles, or whatever else makes you feel calm and comfortable. Let your mind become quieter and quieter, allowing all distractions to pass by effortlessly and eventually disappear…

Allow yourself to enter an emotional state of love, warmth and compassion. Now look within yourself and gently greet your Inner Child. Let them appear to you however they wish, even if it doesn’t make much sense. The Inner Child is emotional, not logical, and may change its face or environment each time you visit.

Be aware that the Inner Child is often afraid or upset when you first speak with them, so be gentle and kind. First, apologize for not listening to your Inner Child before now, that you didn’t know they needed you, and you are sorry for having neglected them. Ask your Inner Child if it’s ok to sit down and talk with them. Always ask your Inner Child if it’s ok to do something before you do it – whether you wish to hug them or simply talk, they appreciate your asking and will learn to trust you in time.

If your Inner Child agrees, you can ask them to tell you whatever they want you to know. Really listen to them, and promise to do better or resolve the issue. Now keep your promises! This is important to forming a trust and eventually integrating the Inner Child into your Whole Self.

Never judge your Inner Child. Accept them fully and with the greatest love. If any painful memories come up, as they often do, work through them with your Inner Child. Find forgiveness, understanding, and ultimately release from the past. This is a life-long process, so don’t try to do it all at once!

When you feel your are done, thank your Inner Child for speaking with you and promise that you will learn to keep listening to them from now on – and do it! Keep the line of communication open with your Inner Child on a daily basis and you will both heal and grow in unimaginable ways.

To welcome your Inner Child into your daily life, invite them with you when you are having fun or doing something creative. If you aren’t doing these things, now is the time to start! Express your Inner Child through art, writing, playing, dancing, singing, and just plain having fun.

By simply listening to the needs of your Inner Child, you will find clarity, joy, and success in your life – removing deeply embedded blocks that were holding you back for years! With your Inner Child, you can nourish excitement, receptivity to abundance, and wonder in your life.

Here is a great addition to the process that will speed up the connection and establish maximum effectiveness with your Inner Child:

Get into an Alpha mode when you invoke your inner child.

A great way to do that is to get the JU 99 Orgone Generator, the one with 10 Hz frequency. It always pulsates at 10 Hz frequency, which is an Alpha mode. This is also very beneficial because it balances your left and right brain hemispheres automatically. The advantages are enormous!

Simply do the process of invoking your Inner Child as described above, and have your
JU 99 Orgone Generator somewhere within 10 feet of range.

You will notice a dramatic difference and results!