bluetooth radarOur Mission:
It’s Your Total Success.

  • Scientific information
  • Practical help
  • Genuine Orgone Generators & Radionics
  • Exclusive benefits
  • Incomparable support

The mission of Positive Change Technology is to provide scientific and practical
information as well as support to the general community from all around the World in relation to Orgone Generators, Radionic Machines, and other means of using such technologies.

Positive Change Technology acquires knowledge and materials by working with scientists, researchers, and conducting its own practical experiments in a fulfilling and enriching environment for breakthrough science.

Positive Change Technology offers Orgone Generators, Radionic Machines, computer programs, accessories, and metaphysical services to the general public for sale. We also offer exclusive packages and software operations to give you the best experience possible with your Chi Generator and Radionics machines.

However, these are only the elements of our primary mission:

You and helping to create a true, lasting, positive change in your life.