AO 1100 Water Optimizing Machine

AO 1100 Water Optimizer


Product Description

AO 1100 Water Optimizer

Make it living!

We are proud to introduce the AO 1100 Water Optimizer:

  • Start drinking real living water
  • Start eating real living foods
  • Say “NO!” to deadly pollutants
  • Say “NO!” to being fooled by “drinking” water
  • Feel much better than before
  • Lose weight much faster, if desired
  • Contribute to the environment
  • Have more focused mind
  • Have more vital energy
  • Look better with radiant glow
  • …and much more!


Ok, Let’s See How Much You Know About
Water That You Drink Daily . . .

AO 1100 Water

. . . And Maybe Give to Others?

AO 1100 Living Water

It’s Time To Know The Real Truth!

You can think of Water as a living being. When it comes from a spring, it literally is alive, it is the stuff of life, it enlivens! It is living in clean springs, continues in healthy rivers all the way to the ocean, and you can consider the ocean itself as being the largest living organism on the planet.

We all know that we are 70% water, and we know that we cannot live without it. Therefore the water we drink certainly should be the stuff of life.

So it is obvious that what we should drink is living water, pure and healthy as nature provides it – ideally containing as much Life Force as possible.

This certainly is not the water that we get!

Destruction of the natural state of water (literally killing it) by mistreatment and pollution has been one of the earliest sins of humans. Such destructive behavior usually went hand in hand with the establishment of large population centers. Naturally then, such large cities were a breeding ground of numerous diseases, such as epidemics of typhoid fever and cholera, that resulted from abuse, mismanagement and overuse of water.

Water is no longer the stuff of life. This abuse of water continues in many forms to this day.

  • Damming, straightening, and running water through pipes upsets the natural flow of water, causing disequilibrium (this was studied extensively by Viktor Schauberger).
  • As you probably know, chemical pollution such as fertilizer and pesticide runoff, “dilution” of industrial wastes, and so on all pollute our water.
  • In some places, water is also polluted by “safe” levels of radioactivity.
  • The other form of water pollution that is often overlooked is the intoxication of its “memory”. Practically all matter carries information, and water does it more than most. This means that water carries the toxic memory of pollution, even if it has been filtered or distilled. (Even the distillation of water also leaves it energetically dead.)

Water is exposed to large amounts of electromagnetic frequencies during and before industrial “purification”, and this generates DOR (Deadly Orgone). If Orgone is Life Energy, DOR is the opposite. It’s definitely not something you want to be ingesting!

The good news is that because water has an easily programmable memory, this information can be removed and replaced with Life Energy very easily. By using machines like the AO 1100 or the AO 2000, you can remove the noxious information that the water has picked up, and actually reinvigorate the water back to its original state.

Historically, humanity has been aware of water’s memory, and we have made use of it. This is evident in our use of holy water, healing waters (Lourdes), and homeopathy. There are many ways of removing negativity from water and some methods can even return water to its original state. However, these methods all lack Life Force.

This is where a Water Optimizer goes above and beyond. It removes noxious information, reprograms the water, and saturates it with Life Force.

What Can a Water Optimizer Do To Purified Water?

AO 1100 Fitness

  • Remove toxic information.
  • Replace this with natural water information, like the energy of a natural mountain spring.
  • Fill it with Life Force!

There are many ways of removing harmful information from water, and some methods even return water to its original, beneficial state. However, these methods all lack a very important ingredient: Life Force.

This is where a Water Optimizer goes above and beyond. It removes noxious information, reprograms the water, and saturates it with Life Force.

This is how you get energetic, living water.

Everything else is second best!


Be A Hero! Give Yourself And Your Loved Ones
The Gift Of Real Living Water For Maximum
Well-Being And Performance!

AO 1100 Orgonite

What Are the Benefits?

  • A greatly improved taste that can even be addictive!
  • Energized water. Many people report feeling increased energy after drinking optimized water.
  • Water charged with Chi Energy stays fresh longer thanks to significant microbiological changes towards a healthy environment.
  • Enhances plant growth. Experiments have shown stronger plants more blossoms, and larger, more delicious fruit.
  • Gives water a softer “feel”. You can test this by putting your hands into the water.
  • Since it is saturated with Life Force, it continues benefiting the environment even after use.
  • Animals love it! Especially cats are attracted to revitalized water.

Look How Easy It Is To Use AO 1100!

Simply put a container of store bought or filtered water on top of the Aqua Optimizer 1100 or the Aqua Optimizer 2000 for a few a minutes and enjoy revitalized water.

Other great ways you can use AO 1100:

AO 1100 Food

  • Put food next to it and revitalize it as well!
  • Even better, purchase a transfer couple and carry Chi Energy wherever you go. Simply set food or water on the disk to optimize them wherever you are at any time. No need to carry your machine with you.
  • Carry the transfer disk on you at all times just to stay energized.
  • Place a glass of water next to your Water Optimizer and in just two minutes you’ll have a glass of healthy, living water.
  • Run your Water Optimizer at home and it will energize your environment.
  • Keep it next to your water machine to energize gallons of water fast!
  • You can give energized water to your plants, pets, and anything else you use water for.

Act Now To Start Living Better, Faster!


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