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Manifestation Program


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Product Description

Basic Manifestation Program

Easy Radionics Software!

Manifesting your desires by using the Manifestation Program with your Orgone Generator is very easy.

It provides you with the ultimate power to:

  • Get assured success much faster and easier
  • Get much more effective results
  • Run operations for just a couple of hours and expect results
  • Have a great deal of ease and convenience
  • Manifest results for yourself and other people simultaneously
  • Send psychic messages to others with ease
  • Remove limited beliefs and replace them with desired beliefs
  • …and much more!

How the Manifestation Program Works

The purpose of the Manifestation Program is to establish structural links to the targets of your operations – such as other persons or yourself, or to specific actions – which you coordinate in the program.

The purpose of the Orgone Generator is the generating of life force, or Chi energy, to fuel your operation which you easily set up in a Manifestation Program.

Then, you simply connect the Manifestation Program structurally with a Chi Generator, which adds Power to your operations for manifestation. The way you connect it is by the insertion of a special and unique diagram that comes with every Manifestation Program.

If you purchase a Radionic device, then the Manifestation Program can greatly assist you with establishing structural links. Usually, establishing structural links is done by using the dials on your Radionic device.

Why Manifestation Program Is So Good

Using life energy for manifestation purposes is an advanced method of this technology. This extremely versatile new method evolved as a result of the capability to “solidify” the structural connections that you can establish with your inherent powers of abstraction, and it is exactly this capability to solidify the abstractions of your desires which helps you achieve positive permanent solutions and change.

This means that you can harness continuous power driving towards the results that you programmed into your computer. This continuous flow of life energy is made possible with a special structural link that connects your Chi Generator, the Manifestation Program, and the target of your operation: to make this possible, each program comes with a fully individualized transfer diagram and the corresponding file on your program that connects your life energy generator directly with the functions in your Manifestation Program.

Manifestation Program Set Up

We included four positions in addition to the more obvious “Trend” and “Target” positions:
Manifestation Program Operation Template

  1. A position for a basic energy (“Basic Action”) setting that boosts the trend-to-target connection with the optimal energy field of a general nature that fits best the purpose of the advanced life energy operation. You can get an idea as to what you can do when looking at the examples and templates.
  2. A position allowing you to set up a trend energy that is exerting an influence upon the environment of the target, which is facilitating a more rapid overall success, and…
  3. A position designed to generate a link, or projection, to an alternate target. Whenever indicated, you can use this alternative target position as a “grounding function.” It is designed to prevent repercussion to the operator (yourself) in the event that the trend energy cannot reach the envisioned target for reasons of interference, blockage, etc.
  4. A position for life energy transfer, the purpose of which is to energize the Manifestation Program: each program comes with an individual transfer diagram, or structural link. The connection with the program is a .jpg file, which you set up in the “orgone transfer” positions. The connection with the Chi Generator® is a laminated card, which you put close to your device.

Consequently, you can gain ultimate flexibility: Your Chi generator® can be on one continent, for instance in your home or business location, your program can be on your laptop that you carry with you when travelling, even on another continent, and the target(s) of your operation can be on a third continent. In fact, you can run several programs simultaneously, whenever the need arises. How many simultaneous operations you can perform depends mainly on the amount of life energy that your Chi Generator® produces. Naturally, with an HD device, you can perform three to four operations simultaneously.

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