Chi Gun CEG 2400

CEG 2400


Product Description

If you thought the CEG 1000 Orgone Shooter was impressive, check this out!

The new CEG 2400 Chi Gun is a┬áheavy duty low pulse orgone shooter and Chi Generator with a floating frequency. This means you don’t need to set the frequency in order to use it.

The advanced orgone shooter allows you to project recorded affirmations as Orgone and pulsing Chi with a stereo input for MP3 players or the sound card of your computer.

This incredible tool is designed to charge yourself and others simply by pointing at them!

The CEG 2400 is also water enhancing. To use this feature, just point the machine at the water you wish to enhance.

To charge a glass or bottle of water = 1 minute.

For an entire water dispenser = 5-10 minutes.

Naturally, you’ll want to use it longer for water tanks and other larger sources of water.

You can also use it to charge food, vitamins, supplements, and all kinds of drinks.

For even more power, connect the CEG 2400 to your Radionics devices while they are running. Then you can easily project their trend energies on the targets of your choice wherever you go.


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