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CEG Chi Gun

Chi Gun CEG


Product Description

CEG 2000 Chi Shooter

New from the world’s leader in
Life Force technology!

  • Water & food optimizing
  • Direct energy on the go
  • Charge anything with feng shui energy
  • Infuse anything or anyone with life energy!
  • Your imagination is the limit!

The Chi Gun is really the best way to have a portable Chi Generator for almost any purpose imaginable. Charge plants, supplements, animals, business cards, and whatever you can think of.

Simply point and click!

The CEG 2000 is a low pulse Chi Generator with a floating frequency that has the same power as the JU 1000, AO 2000, and RAD 1000 – but it’s completely portable and runs on batteries!

You can charge people from up to 100 feet away. Alternatively, you can charge food, water, and so on up to 10 feet away. Point it at a glass of water for 1 minute to optimize it, or at a water dispenser for 5-10 minutes.

If you want to boost the energy, simply use transfer couples to attach it to another Chi Generator.

The versatility of this new machine is truly amazing. Attach a trend energy, desired effect, filter pack print out, or simply direct the pure life energy as needed to benefit others and yourself.

What Can You Do With a CEG 2000?

  • Direct life energy to plants, animals, aquariums, and more!.
  • Charge your business cards, pamphlets, flyers, and whatever other items you will give out to people. Attach the desired trend energy or effect to these materials, and see the reaction. They’ll feel the difference instantly!
  • Set energy trends for furniture in your environment. The energy will automatically be picked up by whoever sits in them.
  • Put yourself in an alpha, delta, or theta states to generate creativity, meditative states, and more!

The Chi Gun (Orgone Shooter) is a powerful tool for anyone who utilizes life force for any reason.

Its versatility and portability will quickly make it your best friend!

Best of all, it’s only $369.00!


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