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Product Description

JU 99 Life Force Generator

Affordable Power!

  • Low priced, yet extremely powerful
  • Excellent device for water optimization
  • Great machine for beginners
  • Achieve your desires much faster
  • Capable of doing what some of the expensive machines do
  • Portable power with transfer couple
  • 2 versions: AD/DC and battery powered
  • Works at constant 10 Hz rate

How Can You Achiever Your Desires with JU 99?

  • Charge water and food with Chi energy. This turns water into a living water. Pollutants and other chemicals will no longer be a problem. You will instantly notice that water tastes much smoother and lighter. Just take a glass of water, put it for 3 – 5 minutes in front of the JU 99 Chi Generator and notice the
    difference! Same applies to food. Chi energized water will actually give you a lot of energy and it’s very good for you!
  • Energize yourself remotely. With transfer couple, you can actually take energy with you all around the globe! Leave your JU 99 Orgone Generator at home running, attach one part of a couple to the silver tubing, take another part of the couple with you – and you have energy on the go! You can also charge your food and water remotely this way.
  • Significantly speed up results with Law of Attraction. Now you can see most results, if they are reasonable requests, arrive in days. What could have taken months to manifest can be done tens or hundreds time quicker. This is because now your requests are fueled with unlimited Chi, thus becoming 100’s times
    more powerful and speedier on their own.
  • Lose weight. Gain muscle. Or both? You pick. From now on, your exercising will be done on a new level. When you carry Chi power with you, much more becomes possible. Chi power gives you additional strength, precision and even a joyful attitude while working out. What’s more important is visible results are much faster!
  • Fuel your magic spells with unlimited Chi. Are you practicing occult arts and magic? Having problems getting desired results from your spells? Now you can have all the results you want ten times faster and more! It is true, because now your spells will be fueled with continuous Chi energy. Most spells fail because they don’t get a sufficient amount of life force, and starting from now it can be a thing of the past.

We offer several types of JU 99 Orgone Generators. The only difference between them is the frequency preset. All frequencies will be described below.

In reality, you can pick any preset frequency setting and work with it on any task. However, some certain frequencies allow achieving certain tasks to work much faster.

Let’s review a couple of practical examples so you have a full understanding. Let’s assume that you notice that you are easily influenced by others. In this case, pick the JU 99 Orgone Generator with 7.83 Hz built-in frequency. Now, let’s assume you love working out in a gym and you want extra power to assist you in the whole process of sports. In this case, pick JU 99 SPP. You will see more details in the table below.

At the same time, any JU 99 Orgone Generator can be used to achieve your desired result. You can successfully use JU 99 SPP for counteracting mind control as well.

Remember that frequencies simply give you extra precision to boost certain operations for a certain desire. Frequencies do not determine the the final outcome, they just determine the speed.

JU 99 Love Spell JU 99 CE 7.83 Hz- General Setting Chi Generator
The “Schumann Resonance”, or Earth frequency, is a favorite setting for universal purposes. This frequency has additional multiple advantages: overcoming jet lag, counteracting mind control, easier learning, precision, and many more. Great frequency for money and finances
JU99 Feng Shui JU 99 10 Hz – General Purpose Chi Generator
Chi Generator with the general purpose setting of 10 Hz. Also, this is an excellent
setting for the Feng Shui Bagua, and with this arrangement you can project a specific Feng Shui energy (“corner”) into any location, which
allows you to override existing Feng Shui energies.
JU99 Weight Loss JU 99 CE – 20 Hz  Top Fitness Chi Generator
Specially developed Chi Generator for fitness lovers. It is an ideal device for all
operations to enhance fitness training and weight control. Excellent for anyone who does yoga, aerobics, Pilates or just simple exercises.
Notice a dramatic difference in results fast and easy!
JU99 Orgone Fitness JU 99 SPP – 25 Hz Sports Performance
Excellent Chi Generator to boost sports performance, stamina, and endurance for power
training and competitions. It also has “magical” influence on opponent by means of body language.
JU99 Sports JU 99 GPP – 5.9 Hz Golf Precision Chi Generator
Sophisticatedly developed Chi Generator for special kinds of sports that triggers the Alpha state whenever needed for precision such as golf, target practice, etc. Make yourself stand out from others with this machine. Improve your game results in a very easy and quick way.

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JU 99 CE 7.83 Hz, JU 99 10 Hz, JU 99 CE – 20 Hz, JU 99 SPP – 25 Hz, JU 99 GPP – 5.9 Hz


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