JU 1000 Orgone Machines

JU 1000 Orgone Machine


Product Description

JU 1000 Orgone Generator

Best Seller!

  • 70% more power than JU 99
  • 6 precision dial frequencies
  • Has a dial for continuous settings
  • Excellent choice for self improvement
  • Gets work done fast!
  • Unbelievable speed of results

JU 1000 Orgone Generator is an ultimate choice for anyone who works with areas of self-improvement, Law of Attraction, NLP, hypnosis, does any type of studies and interacts with a lot of people.

This amazing machine has 6 built in settings, besides continuous settings. One of them is to counteract mind control, yet another one is to induce mind control over others. When used responsibly, mind control, or influence, is a great way to get your suggestion delivered and seriously considered by others.

This is also a great machine for parents who have teenagers. It is capable of removing unwanted influences, peer pressure, eliminating drama and other damaging energies.

Look at the 6 built in frequencies:

  • Theta 3.5 HZ — for super learning, especially of languages
  • Theta 6.3 Hz — for super learning and to boost memory
  • Alpha 7.0 Hz — to enhance artistic inspiration and boost creativity
  • Alpha 7.83 Hz — Earth resonance! for invention & creativity
  • Alpha 10.0 Hz — for centering yourself and for general purpose
  • Beta 14.1 Hz — for efficiency in daily activities, mental and physical energy, fitness training

When the rotary switch is turned all the way to the right, you can use the right dial for continuous settings. The dial to the right is for continuous frequency settings, approximately 0.5 – 500 Hz.

For complete frequency list, click here!

JU 1000 Welz Chi Generator

What You Should Know About Self Improvement . . .
. . . And the JU 1000

What makes Orgone Generators the obvious best choice for self development? Let’s find out!

For you to appreciate the special advantages of the Chi Generators with precise low frequency options (the JU 99 CE series, the LPOG 2400 DL, the LPOG 2400 HD, the Performer 2400 and, of course, the PCHD 2400 which is driven by the frequency output of your PC or CD player), it’s certainly good to know about low frequency technology.

The most important method of effective self-improvement prior to the invention of Orgone Generators resulted from new knowledge of the working of the human brain. With the help of the EEG technology, which measures brain wave frequencies, it has been well established that every thought, every feeling, every sensation, and every level of awareness has a corresponding brain wave pattern, or frequency.

Consequently, you can determine the level of awareness that you want to harness for your success by controlling your brain waves. We know of Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brain waves, all in the low frequency range from approximately 1 Hz to 30 Hz (cycles per second).

Frequencies that go above 30 Hz are called Gamma.

This method of controlling brain waves with low frequency input certainly is not a new technology at all! In the 1930’s, researchers already found that repetitive light and/or sound stimulation caused brain waves to adjust to the same frequency.

Much earlier than that, as far back in time as the very dawn of humankind, shamans used drumming, which is a way to generate repetitive pulses or beats of low frequency, to put their audiences into altered states and cause them to have experiences that they would not have in their normal state of daily activities.

In our times, this type of pulse or “beat” is used in many events where the capturing of audiences and the temporary control of their habits (or minds) is considered to be important or helpful, such as in fashion shows, exercise machine advertising, commercials, military training, church meetings, and TV infomercial pitches to the public, to name just a few.

You can find a variety of fairly good Light-Sound (LS) devices on the market today. A LS-device typically stimulates the brain indirectly with light flashes through goggles and sound stimuli (beats) through earphones. These stimuli will cause the brain to adjust to the frequency of the flashes and sounds and consequently generate the corresponding level of awareness.

As you can find out right from the beginning of using such a device, all LS-devices have a very serious flaw: they depend on earphones and goggles to be effective. In other words: if you want to access a specific level of awareness such as charismatic appearance, calm, or creativity, you need to get the stimuli through earphones and goggles when using this antiquated technology.

It is obvious that you cannot wear these LS-devices whenever you really need them! Just imagine appearing on a date, an important business meeting, or a sports event with a LS-contraption on your head!

And you certainly may have difficulties trying to do creative writing or art while using a LS-device on your head. You need to wait till you can take it off your head, and then your brain waves will adjust back to their usual state.

That’s Exactly Where Your JU 1000 Chi Generator Can Make
An Enormously Massive Difference!

By now it is well-established that the technology of the life energy generator is far superior over all conventional type light-sound mind machines.

The reasons are obvious: you can set up your Chi Generator to emit low pulse life energy in the exact frequency of brain waves of your choice: Alpha, Beta, Theta, or Delta.

When you are surrounded by a field of LPO (Low Pulse life energy, or Orgone), then your brain can adjust to its frequency almost instantly. This is so, because the detour over sensory perceptions or questionable electric mini-shocks (as in a couple of more recent devices) is no longer necessary.

Life energy in brain wave frequencies means a more effective impact and therefore faster results. This means that you can achieve the corresponding states of mind very fast!!! The most striking advantage of our LPO technology over conventional type mind machines is the fact that you can project LPO (life energy of low frequency) at any distance!

This has been proven with the help of EEG devices over and over again.

Simply use a structural link such as the transfer disk of the life energy generator or any one of the specialty power boosters, put it into your pocket, set your generator of life energy at the desired pulse speed, and then go to a business meeting, on a date, to the gym, to a sports competition, or anywhere else. Nobody will notice your invisible helper! That’s all! You can certainly relax or go about your usual business at any place.

There is certainly no need for you to have those cumbersome and ridiculous goggles, earphones, or other contraptions, on your head ever again!

And all our Chi Generators have real Silver tubing as output: Silver is a favorite of all professionals when it comes to energizing the body.


JU 1000 For Love, Dating, Romance And Of Course…

…More & Better, Hotter, Wilder Sex!

Prepare for the party of your life. No matter if you are single, casually dating, in a relationship or married – JU 1000 will boost your love and sex life beyond your wildest imaginations.

It is an extremely powerful Orgone Generator that requires one main thing from you: to know what exactly it is that you want. That’s pretty much it.

If you are single, use JU 1000 to attract sexy lovers into your life. Or, how about a soul mate if you are ready to settle? Here is a set up done with the Manifestation Program for JU 1000 to find a new female sex partner for a male. This is a great set up if you want to find a sex partner without drawing too much attention.

Radionics Software Attract Sex

Here is a set up for a female to attract multiple guys for friendship, fun, flirtation and higher status among a social group. She then decides what to do next.

Manifestation Program Attract Female

The only difference between these set ups and yours is that you will insert the provided structural link diagram in the Orgone Transfer box. Please also note that text in the blue boxes goes below the border, so part of the text is invisible in these images. You can also insert your picture in the main target box if you want, or you can represent yourself by your Zodiac sign. This will all become crystal clear to you after you receive your generator and read the full instructions.

And of course, you can modify the set up any way you want to meet your specific needs. Again, it will all be crystal clear to you.

After executing the set up as shown above, it takes on average 3 – 7 days before someone shows up into your life… sexy and eager to play.

Or, if you are a female, you will see awesome changes in your life as you will attract guys in no time. Other girls will certainly be jealous of your new success.

If you are married or in a serious relationship, JU 1000 can be your best friend. It can help you to stop cheating, always know the truth, be thrillingly romantic to your lover and just in general, remove any arguments that you have in a relationship or marriage, increase your sex appeal to mountain heights and simply be always attractive and desired by men or women.

You will be surprised by the positive changes that others will notice around you. People will admire and wonder how you do it so easily. After all, don’t we all want to be desired by those that we desire?


JU 1000 For Attracting More Money
& Beating Tough Economy

How about using your JU 1000 to attract more money into your life? Don’t you want to be richer?

Actually, with JU 1000 Orgone Generator it’s easier than you think. You will soon learn how easy you can become a real money magnet, have new money opportunities open up for you while eliminating money blocks, have more clients interested in your products or services, have a promotion at work or find a job that you really like.

These days, you hear that economy is bad, unemployment is high, debt is high and the list goes on and on. Basically, it all sounds depressing…

At the same time, trillions of dollars are circulating around the World. Trillions of transactions are done. In reality, people have money and they are spending it! And that’s inspiring!

The truth is, no matter what, now you can have complete immunity to all economic problems. Other people will only wonder how you do it!

You will soon find out how to use JU 1000 Orgone Generator, or any other Chi Generator or Radionic Machine that we offer for your total financial success. You will get a complete guide on how to achieve your financial goals, have more money and live a better stress-free life.

Now it is really up to you. It is now your choice. You can continue just like you did before or you can use this elite secret and achieve total financial independence.

Here is an example of a set up to get more money:

Chi Generator Operation for Money
The only difference between this set up and yours is that you will insert the provided structural link diagram in the Orgone Transfer box. Please also note that the text in blue boxes goes below the border, so part of the text is invisible in the image. You can also insert your picture in the main target box if you want or represent yourself by your Zodiac sign. This will all become crystal clear to you after you receive your generator and read the full instructions.

You can also successfully use JU 1000 for other money and business matters such as:

  • Dramatically increase your persuasion power
  • Have peace and understanding when doing teamwork. Lead the team
  • Gain success in completing your projects. Stop self-sabotage, procrastination, and other blocks
  • Gain favors from others
  • Discover business secrets. Discover true secrets that lead to success
  • Discover job-landing secrets and have powerful Orgone force aiding you
  • Identify who your true friends are and who are the enemies behind your back
  • Find any troubled area anywhere and get the solution
  • Inspire your workforce
  • Get general business success
  • Get general success with attracting money
  • Have increased success of your advertising materials, campaigns, etc
  • Have confidence in yourself and succeed effortlessly at the same time
  • …and much, much more!


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