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PBTBH Potency Booster

For Your Natural
Very Hot and Wild

Sex Drive!

  • Get rock-hard powerful erections without failure!
  • Instantly turn yourself into a non-stop sex machine!
  • Shock women with your new sexual powers!
  • Make others only wonder how you do it!
  • Make your sex partner(s) constantly crave for more!
  • Embarrassing situations are things of the past!
  • Expose a new you with unforgettable curiosity!
  • Achieve all of your wildest desires!

Illuminate your sex life like never before!

That’s Right! With Potency Booster It’s That Good!

Potency Booster Radionic Sex Attraction Gentlemen! How Would You Like To Feel Massive Amounts Of Sex Energy Going Straight To Your Pelvis At Your Command?

The PBTBH 2400 Potency Booster is made of a very special Super-Orgonite composite material that has been specially formulated for the purpose of sexual energy

The PBTBH 2400 provides you with massive life force that is enhanced with specific sexual-performance boosting energies! Put the Booster part next to your Chi Generator® (ideally a Heavy Duty Chi Generator®) and carry the transfer disk on you. With this simple arrangement, you can carry the energy of your Orgone Generator® with you for assured transfer and excitement any place in the universe! The large transfer allows you to charge water, food and supplements with this energy.

Potency Booster Sex Spell Mature Age? Well… Now You Can Do It Like In Your Early 20’s!

Well, maybe even much more exciting than in your early 20’s… Here is why: potency booster is an extra powerful device especially suited for top of the line devices such as the Performer 2400, the LPOG 2400 HD, etc (or any other Chi Generator or Radionic). Such a combination creates massive amounts of sexual energy going straight to your pelvis which leads to a very powerful erotic feel and instant rock hard erection

At the same time you can use your Chi Generator or Radionic device to naturally create sexual opportunities, draw desired partners for sex, intensify your current relationship, achieve your wildest sexual desires, and the list goes on…

To most men, it would become even more exciting than in their early 20’s… Why not finally take your sexual life to the next level and achieve the heights you only dream about?

Live your life to the fullest extent imaginable!

Potency Booster Sex Radionics Work Related Stress Can Take A Toll On Your Sex Drive And Erection.

Protect Yourself With The Potency Booster.

It is not a myth that work-related stress, frustration, constant worry and uncertainty can take a great toll on your sex drive, erection itself, and relationships.

What do you do? How do you protect yourself from most likely becoming sexually weaker and weaker on a daily basis, and maybe without even realizing it?

There are many good ways to protect yourself. One of them, which is very convenient and extremely powerful, is to counter work-related stress with a Chi Generator or Radionic device and at the same time employ the power of your Potency Booster. This great way of protection will leave you sexually healthier for years to come!

Enjoy Wild Sex Drive And Extreme Orgasms
With The Potency Booster!

Potency Booster Orgonite

Satisfy Her Desires. Satisfy Yourself.

Potency Booster PBTBH Radionics


Get the power to handle several young ladies at once!

Potency booster is like having powerful sexual energy weaponry at your disposal 24/7 that is ready to help you passionately conquer your
lovers all night long!

Let your hottest and wildest sexual fantasies finally come into actual reality giving your body, mind and soul sexy unforgettable experiences!

Start Enjoying A New And Improved Sex Life Filled With Illuminated Sexual Vitality!

Get your potency booster right now!

It comes with a one month unconditional money back guarantee.

Important: The PBTBH it is NOT a medical device and it cannot be used to heal any disease.

Only $269.00


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