PBT2400 Power Booster

Power Booster + Transfer


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Product Description

Power Booster with
Energy Transfer

Triple the Power!

Introducing a great way to triple the power of your Orgone Generator or Radionic Machine without upgrading.

The Power Boosters of the PBT 2400 series are made of our Super-Orgonite® composite material that is significantly more powerful than the original Orgonite. Therefore, it will more than triple the output power of the JU 99 CE, and it effectively doubles the output of any middle of the line device (such as the LPOG 2400 DL) while adding strength to the top of the line Heavy Duty Chi Generators.

PBT 2400 Orgonite Power Booster

The PBT 2400 comes with a transfer disk. This transfer disk will give you assured smoother transfer of life energy. A built-in structural link connects the
transfer disk with its Power Booster.

Suggested Uses: Carry the transfer disk on you while your Orgone Generator or Radionics Machine with attached Power Booster is in your home. With this simple arrangement, you can carry the energy of your Orgone Generator┬« with you – any place in the universe!

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