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RAD 1000


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Product Description

RAD 1000 Radionics

Yes! Now Radionics Is Easy.

  • Powerful Radionic device
  • Very affordable Elite equipment
  • About twice more power than JU 99
  • Has 3 built-in dials for targeting
  • Has stick pad for working with dials
  • Has Silver tube output for more power
  • Connects directly to targeted person
  • Connects directly to targeted situation
  • Extremely accurate for manifestation
  • Very precise energy transfer
  • Excellent for permanent changes
  • Excellent Radionic for starters!

The Difference Between Radionic Machines And Orgone Generators

All of our Radionic machines have built in Orgone Generators (Chi Generators). Orgone Generators are a type of equipment that produce Orgone energy that is needed to achieve
your results. Radionic machines are a step up from Orgone Generators because they have built-in dials for targeting the person, situation, desired effect, and anything of that nature where the term “target” is used.

This assures extreme accuracy of energy direction. Orgone Generators are very capable of the same; however, they require some sort of representation of the target (for example: photo, visualization, name written on a piece of paper, etc). It can also be done through one of our Manifestation Software programs.

On the other hand, Radionic device has built in dials that can represent a person or a situation. For example, let’s assume you want to increase your sexual attraction and be nearly irresistible to the opposite sex.

With Orgone Generator, you would need to write down your name, use a filter which is provided in a set of filters with your purchase (in this case, it would be “Irresistible to Others”), then you would have to visualize the effect like it already happened – and you would have everything you need to start an operation of irresistible magnetism.

With a Radionic Machine, you can just randomly select the numbers on the dials while thinking about what you want to achieve – and that would be sufficient.

Also, Radionic Machines are capable of achieving results much faster and permanently because of precise accuracy.

So, which device should you pick: Radionic Machine or Orgone Generator? Well, it is really up to you. They are both excellent devices to get what you want. No matter what you pick, you will already have advantage over 99%+ people on this planet.  It is really a personal preference as to which one you pick.

If you are still not sure, visit our Free Consultation Center. And remember, everything will be crystal clear to you after you get your device and quickly study the instructions that come with it. You will also have access to an Elite Community of other proud users of our technology, as well as professional operators eager to help you to get your success.

The RAD 1000 3-Dial Radionics™ Device

Built-in Orgone Generator® – more powerful than the JU 99 series (about twice), silver tubing output, stick pad; use the output as a well for the target and/or trend setup.

RAD 1000 Welz Radionics Device

The three radionics dials are used to connect with a specific desired trend and/or target of your radionics operation. The radionics rate determines the frequency of the orgone generator. The orgone generator intensifies the action and provides the life force (“psionic power”) to succeed.

A combination of radionics and orgone physics guarantees powerful operations for assured success. It is Power Radionics™!

Uses: The radionics device is “the universal structural link”. Rather than using a symbol (such as a card of any one of the filter “packs”) to determine a trend energy that is designed to a desired effect, the 3-dial radionics device utilizes settings (rates) of the envisioned energies. For more insights about the use of structural links and life force, we recommend that you study the course “Magic of the Future” by Karl Hans Welz.

What does this all mean? Let’s assume a situation: you are applying for a job and you want to influence the situation to achieve the outcome of getting hired, however you don’t know who will do the interview with you. You don’t have a name of the person, you don’t have a picture or any other details.

You can go to interview and hope to get hired. Or, with RAD 1000, you can influence the person and situation to achieve the outcome that you will be a great worker for the company and you are the one who should get hired.

By using the dials, you will be able to build a link to the person and situation that will take place in the future. Then, you will be able to use your RAD 1000 to project the desired outcome.

While going to the interview, you should already feel confident of getting hired. In fact, going to the interview itself should become simply a step towards the success of getting hired. Just like when you need to buy bread, you have to go to the store before bread appears in your home.

All of these operations will be crystal clear to you once you receive your RAD 1000 with the Positive Change Technology manual of operations. These steps will be easy to perform and you will become a true master of this fascinating technology.

Let your imagination really run wild and come up with ideas of what you can achieve and manifest! Remember, our technology is best in the World for it’s purpose: getting you results that you truly desire!


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