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Double Energy Transfer Couple


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Product Description

Transfer Couple

Distance is not a barrier!

The Double Transfer Couple is specially designed for you to easily make living water, enliven food, and supercharge supplements – even if you are thousands of miles away from your generator of life force!

The transfer disk that you carry with you is large enough (3.25″ or 8 cm diameter) to put food or drinks onto it.

Double Energy Transfer Couple Orgonite

A larger transfer plate means more energy for faster charging!

Naturally, this same large transfer disk personally provides you with powerful life force from your Chi Generator or Radionic device anywhere you are, whether just down the road from your generator or halfway around the globe.

In fact, the Double Transfer Couple is your virtual pocket-optimizing coaster for food and drinks, and it also provides you with powerful Chi energy whenever you carry it with you while your Orgone Generator or Radionic Device with the Double Transfer Couple transfer unit is in your home.

Double Transfer Real Living Water

Always keep in mind that you can use your Double Transfer Couple just like a regular Energy Transfer Couple. The difference is that the Double Transfer Couple is larger, provides more power, and is much more convenient for charging food and water.

Just like the Energy Transfer Couple, you can use a Double Transfer Couple for carrying specific energies with you. This is how: simply select a filter pack with desired energy, leave the filter pack on your Chi Generator or Radionic device at home, put one part of the transfer couple on the Chi Generator or Radionic device, and carry another one on you.

Assuming you selected “Attraction” energy to carry with you, you will notice that people become more drawn to you and get very attracted to you.

Don’t forget that we have filter packs for love, money, sex, protection, control, magic, sex appeal, planetary energies, zodiac energies, and pretty much any purpose you may ever need.

Want to know more about how transfer couples work? Check out our article on Action at a Distance.


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