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Radionics Machine for Sale
Positive Change Technology is proud to feature genuine products developed and manufactured by Karl Welz (HSCTI – Hyper Space Communications & Technologies International).

This means that you can be fully assured that you are getting products made by the # 1 World Leader in Orgone Generators and Radionic Machines.

Be very careful about competitor’s claims. The truth is that HSCTI technology produces material called Orgonite, which is a registered trademark of HSCTI. The secret of producing Orgonite is known only to HSCTI. Orgonite is the purest form of Orgone, which in short description, will make your manifestation goals come in the fastest, most reliable, and most importantly completely safe manner. It’s a known fact.

Another fact that should never be overlooked is this: Positive Change Technology provides every customer with a complimentary “3 Days to Results” manifestation course. Having #1 World Leading equipment is like having powerful weaponry at your disposal, ready to attack your problems and move mountains to achieve your goals.

Having the “3 Days to Manifestation” course can save you months or even years of time learning how to use this technology with the best, fastest results. This course is available only to our customers.

We also include FREE manuals and video training materials with every purchase you make with us.

Positive Change Technology – the only recognized and approved way to manifest fast!

Ordering Information:

Delivery Time: We mail the merchandise within seven working days after we received payment or after the check has cleared.  Usually the same working day or the next working day.

Shipping: By mail. Postage and handling are included in price for all orders of $300.00 or above. Add $10.00 for all orders below $300.00
Outside the USA: Add $60.00 per generator or kit for express mail delivery,
Important Note: Phone Number must be Included to Ship Outside US. Be sure to include the shipping cost with your order.

Important:  You may prefer shipping with DHL rather than postal service – ask us for DHL shipping fees.

Warranty: HSCTI replaces, repairs, or exchanges defective devices within two years from date of purchase, provided that the problem did not result from inappropriate use. This warranty does not include AC adapters, which are added for free.

Instruction Manual: All power generators and radionics devices come with a comprehensive instruction manual.

Customer Service: As long as you own the equipment.

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